Fjällaktiv Lappland

Sarek Retreat Yoga hike

A yogic trekking experience in the arctic

Hiking itself is a relaxing mindfulness meditation that really strengthen your mind. Combined with restorative yoga and meditation led by a certified yoga therapist we aim to strengthen your relationship with nature. The trek takes you on an unique mountain journey along the border to Sarek national park where we live simple staying  in cozy mountain huts. Far away from digital media and everyday life we invite you to a week of pure natural mental rest.

Sarek national park is part of Laponia world heritage. This pure nature has been travelled by the Sami people and their reindeers for thousands of years. The Sami people has a very strong relationship to nature and treat the land with respect. They say that we only borrow the land from future generations and that we should always give it back in the same conditions as we found it.

This hike is for you who…
…are looking for an yogic experience combined with the healing power of hiking. You should be able to hike between 10-20 kilometer per day in terrain with moderate differences in altitude and with a backpack of around 10-12 kg. You need no earlier experience from either yoga nor meditation. All the classes can be adjusted to your level.

The food
Fjällaktiv Lappland values nutritious food made from real ingredients and put a lot of effort into preparing menus for the tours and expeditions. A typical day starts with a Swedish breakfast and in the evening we cook dinner together. On this yogic hike we offer vegan food with additional  milk and meat product to add to the food if you want. As long as weather permits we will have a longer break during the day to re-energize with a lighter lunch.
Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies and we will do our best to support your needs. 

The accommodations
During our time in the mountains we stay in cabins. There is no electricity or running water in the huts and we all help with the daily duties. One day you might be the water carrier or responsible for chopping wood to the fire.
Even if the cabins are simple they provide the most essentials as heat, beds, blankets and everything we need for cooking and eating. Outhouses are often situated within 100 meters from the huts.
The last day of the tour we will stay in hostels where you will share room with other participants of the group. You will of course have access to both water-toilets and showers.
Please let us know if you want to upgrade your stay at the hostels to a double or single room.

Guides and support-team
Our guides are all trained in first aid and have a good knowledge of the area they are guiding in. They are also certified guides or have in another way showed us that they live up to the same standard or higher.
This hike is arranged together with Sacred Spine Yoga Therapy and the yoga and meditation sessions will be led by one of their certified yoga therapist.

Travel here
Your activity starts in Jokkmokk and end in Kebnats. Please check our website for more information on how to get hear at
For an extra cost we can organize a pick-up or drop-off at Luleå or Gällivare airports.

Documents, vaccinations and insurance
Make sure you check the current regulations for passport and visa to travel to Sweden. You will not need any special vaccinations for your tour but we to recommend you to have valid travel insurance.

Due to current weather conditions we might have to make adjustment to planed routes and itinerary.

Learn how to dress and pack for Sarek retreat yoga hike (texted in english):

Tour info:

Price: SEK 14 995
Date: August 13-19 2017
Start: Jokkmokk (How to get here)
End: Saltoluokta fjällstation
Group size: 8-14
Status: Welcome to book your adventure

The price includes:

  • professional guides
  • yoga instructor
  • accommodation 6 nights
  • all meals
  • local transfer
  • guided visit at Ájtte mountain and sami museum
  • safety equipment

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