Fjällaktiv Lappland

Iridium Satellite phone


Call home and tell everyone about the fish you’ve just caught or contact a dear friend you miss a lot. An Iridium satellite phone have good coverage on most places in the mountains and let you communicate with the world. In case of emergency you can call for assistans.

Iridium Extreme is a powerful Satellite phone that delivers reliable voice quality and has SMS function. It is also waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof. Iridium satellite phones give you the best possible coverage in the area north of the Arctic Circle.


Day 1-4: 250 SEK/day
Day 5-7: 150 SEK/day
Day 8-x: Contact us for special offer
Call cost: 15 SEK/minute


Price: from SEK 250
Model: Iridium Extreme
Dates: All year around
Pick up: Gällivare

The price includes:

  • Satellite phone Iridium Extreme
  • Belt pocket
  • Charger

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